Saturday, September 4, 2010

Magic Whitening Soap!

Hello, so today's post will be about my new discovery.


so for all of you who already know about this soap haha please tell me about your experiences.
and for those who don't, likas papaya soap is basically this bright orange soap that's made with papaya extracts i believe and it is said to lighten skin complexion.
Now, i have been playing volleyball all summer on concrete so i'm pretty much BURNT.
I dooo not want to stay this dark so i've decided to give this soap a try.

So far so good, i have not seen any big changes in colour but i have felt that my skin was softer and smoother and less.. aged looking.. esp my shoulders.

I'm only using it on my body because my face is very pale.. it's like a ghost face D:.

I will post up another entry in a few weeks with pictures includeddd to see how much it really has worked!


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