Tuesday, September 7, 2010

GOSH all over my hair =[

alright so it's time that i redye my hair because my roots are showing and my brown peekaboos are fading back to blonde faaaaast.
i went over to shoppers to pick up a new product
it isssss *drumroooollllls

GOSH Professional Permanent Cream Hair Colour~~~

isn't the packaging pretty? lol that's the first thing i thought sooo i bought it.

so the colour i'm going to dye my hair is 239 Darkest Brown.
I didn't want to have jet black hair.. or faded brown hair.. and i'm tired of having to redye roots every 3 months.. it gets annoying and pricey.. so i chose a colour to end it once and for all.. well for a while at least.

so in the box, i foundd
-Instruction Manual with Gloves
-Gosh Cream Colour
-Gosh Developer Lotion
-Gosh Cream Conditioner

alright so i purchased two boxes.. attt $11.29 each after taxes at shoppers drug mart. i'm not sure if this product is available at wal mart or something because on the box in tiny letters it says "distributed by SHOPPERS DRUG MART PHARMAPRIX"
anywayss, i normally use two boxes of dye all the time because my hair is thick and long. but surprisingly this time, i was able to coat all of my hair.. with one box

the mixture was rather liquid, not too thick so it was easy to spread maybe that's why i was able to use one box only.
on the downside.. you really have to be careful, i almost got some in my eye because it slid off a strand of my hairr when i was putting it on. clumsy mee~

lalala.. okay here's me looking super ugly with a grocery bag over my hair..

gah whaaaattta lewwsur =[

AND THIS IS HOW IT TURNED OUT! this picture was taken the morning after.
the colour is indeed very very dark.. if ur not in the sunlight it looks jet black.
and the conditioner was great! i only used 1/3 of the tube and it made my hair very soft and shiny!


  1. It looks great on you. I'm glad it turned out so well. :-)

  2. I love that outfit!!
    Much love,