Tuesday, October 26, 2010


hey guysss. so it really has been a long long time since i've posted. but since it's almost halloweeeen i think that i should make a post before the actual dayy.
remember those days when you dressed up in highschool? or elementary and your school would have those costume contests? well i'm not all that old so yes.. my school does try to dress up for halloweeen.. and it's currently 2:23 AM ..in the morning yes..
and what am i doing?
i'm trying out diff looks for friday!~
so i guess this is the look imma go wid

so..i bet you're wondering.. what the pikachu?
yes i guess i am being pikachu for halloween.. simple costume.. jus a giant suit. and also i'm wearing contacts and i did my make up like so

it consists of silver, metal grey, dark grey, matte grey and matte black with liquid eyeliner and gel liner.
let me know what you think :)