Monday, September 6, 2010

Glue-ing your eyelids? THAT'S CRAZY TALK?!

okay so if you're asian... you would know how annoying it is to have no crease or folds on your eye because everytime you try to apply eyeshadow.. there really is no limit on where it stops.

just the other day i picked up a product called koji eye talk. basically eyelid glue for asians! yay~~i actually just got it for the sake of having it in my make up collection. but little did i know i woke up with very awkward eyes today!
i normally have hooded eyes so my eyeshadow or eyeliner doesn't show when i look up.

so here, is my eyes originally, when i look up my crease completely disappears and it appears as if i had monolids

my crease varies by day. sometimes it's big sometimes it doesn't show.

today i decided to give eye talk a try since i was going to hang out with friends and didn't want to have small eyes. here is a picture of how it turned out

okay so here it is, so i didn't go for too much of a fold.. just enough for it to show and so that it'll make things easier when i line my eyes.

alright review time of eyetalk now

Pros: fixes bad eyelids on important days, easy to remove, invisible almost, works with make up

Cons: takes a while to get used to, not waterproof, shows when u put on eyeshadow, would $16 CAD count as expensive for one tube?

and that is all! feel free to comment or question ;)

RAWR gotta love pmall!


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