Friday, April 22, 2011

pierce me till i'm numb....

random post about my love for piercings!!~
one of the greatest modifications every discovered, simple or sophisticated.
jazz up your jewellery or keep it plain. Piercings are so unique, they are forever on your body and you can change the jewellery to suit your style or mood. It's a modern world and the acceptance of body jewellery is slowly being accepted by employers =]

I have....15 piercings on my ears up to date.
I used to also have a navel ring and brow piercing.. but those have been taken out.. =[ rest in peace.

left ear

right ear

A little advice...
do not over clean your fresh piercing.. it could get dry and get infected instead.

If your piercing is swelling and there's pus coming out, do not take out your earring! Simply change to one that has a longer rod so there's room to swell. If you take out the jewellery before the infection drains, you could keep the infection trapped inside, not only that but a keloid or bubble could form.

Don't wear cheap jewellery, it rust while it's in your piercing.

Careful not to yank on your jewellery (when you're changing or doing sports).

what are your thoughts about piercings? got questions? leave a comment ^_^


  1. wow, you have alot! I love piercings too, here is a photo of my right ear (I also have a nose ring)

  2. aww!! i love your industrial! how much did it hurt?? and how long did it take for it to heal?? + so envious of ur nose ring @_@ my nose is too asian for that piercing =S

  3. hi i am chinese too, but not full. i was wondering how to get the rods off, i hav two as well? its been 8 weeks.i tried already but i hav no clue.

  4. hey randomly stumbled across your blog, is the piercing in your both your ears (on the outer edge and the middle), and the highest one in your left ear through your skin or cartilage? and those piercings have a specific name? :) I want ones there :P

  5. I love that outfit!!
    Much love,